We now have a section for musicians who do work in music preparation as composers, arrangers and copyists.

A composer is someone who puts together music, either written notation or other arrangement. A composer creates a song or piece of music.

An arranger can re-orchestrate voicings of music, make changes to an original score for adaptation to a particular instrument(s), transpose music for solo or ensemble work as well as copy as necessary.

A copyist is someone who will make multiple part copies of music, usually for ensembles. A copyist can write individual parts, copy the score, or re-write anything the composer needs without making changes to the original music.

PeteLeinonenS.jpgPete Leinonen

Pete has been an active composer/arranger for nearly fifty years. His work has featured in several films and has been documented in regional music history books. Pete has had many commissions and grants in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He has also collaborated with several well known poets, including the late Steven "Jesse" Bernstein and Roberto Valenza. Pete studied composition and arranging with William O. Smith, Gary Peacock, Dave Holland and others. He has a B.A. in music from the University of Washington and has done graduate work with Robert Garfias and John Wittwer. Email
http://www.originalcast.com   206-522-3326

image_225x150.jpgMarc Smason

As a young child in Texas, trombonist/vocalist/composer, Marc Smason learned to sing from his mother and later studied classical and jazz trombone with Ken Cloud, Stu Dempster, Julian Priester & Slide Hampton. He studied voice with Jay Clayton (jazz), Yo Jin Chong (Korean) & Ki Wasitodipuro (Javanese), and composition with Michael Young. Marc has a BFA from CA Institute of the Arts and is a long-time member of the AFM. He has performed with Big Joe Turner, the Funk Brothers, Carlos Santana, Eddie Henderson, Type A, Mark Levine, Wilbur Morris, Sam Shepard, Julian Priester, Buel Neidlinger, Rick Mandyke, Sonny Simmons, Eyvind Kang, Marc Graham and Baby Gramps. His playing encompasses many styles including jazz, latin, Brazilian, collective improv, klezmer and R&B. www.marcsmason.com