The Theatrical Federation of Washington State is a voluntary organization of entertainment unions founded in 1912. The Federation was inactive during the 1950's – 80's and was revitalized in 1998. Current membership includes; American Federation of Musicians, Local 76-493; AFTRA; AGMA; IATSE Local 15; IATSE Local 793; IATSE 488: IATSE Local 887; and SAG.

The mission is promoting solidarity among the entertainment unions, mobilizing for social justice issues, promoting collaboration with our employers, and providing a forum for discussing union issues. We strive to achieve a harmonious and equitable relationship between management and labor. The Theatrical Federation meets monthly at AFM Local 76-493's office and is open to members of participating unions.

Accomplishments of The Theatrical Federation of Washington State

The Seattle Conference of Organized Labor and the Arts

Held on June 30, 2003 and hosted by the T. F. at the King County Labor Council Hall, the conference brought together representatives from ten arts organizations, including Seattle Opera, ACT, Intiman Theatre, and 5th Avenue Theatre and Theatrical Federation. We developed a plan for political action (supporting and promoting the arts) and audience building.

Washington Artists Health Insurance Project

The T.F. was a participant in WAHIP (2004-2010), a pilot project to forge new strategies to improve artists' access to health insurance. WAHIP is a partnership effort between LINC (Leveraging Investments in Creativity www.lincnet.net) and Artist Trust and is supported by the Paul G. Allen Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Mobilizing Street Actions at the Paramount Theatre supporting a national boycott of the 2002 "Music Man" presented by Big League Theatricals.

Department of Labor and Industries Workshop

The workshop was hosted by the T.F on January 26, 2004 in Seattle. Unions and employers met with L & I representatives in a day-long workshop with the focus on developing specific criteria for classifying entertainment workers as employees or independent contractors which uniquely apply to our industry.

Reauthorize the Lodging Tax.

The Theatrical Federation lobbied Speaker of the House Frank Chopp and Senator Ed Murray for support of this critical source of funding for presenting art, theatre and musical organization.

The Theatrical Federation unions sit on the following boards and organizations:

  • Mayor's Advisory Board on Film and Music
  • King County Labor Council Executive Board


The King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, is the central body of labor organizations in King County, Washington. We are affiliated with the National AFL-CIO, the central labor organization in the United States, representing more than 13 million working people. Over 150 organizations belong to the Council, and more than 150,000 working men and women belong to Council-affiliated organizations. United, we are a voice for the interests and needs of working people in King County.

The core responsibilities of the King County Labor Council are to assist workers and their unions in the struggle for social and economic justice; support efforts to organize and bargain fair contracts; lobby, endorse and involve working people in the political process; advocate and support laws that protect working people; support community services outreach work; and unite with community allies who are also struggling for justice.



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