March 12, 2015
By: Monica Schley, Office Secretary Dear Musicians, I have held my position as Office Secretary at the Musicians' Union for a decade. Time has gone by quickly and easily for me at this job. I have learned much more tha more...

March 04, 2015
The Musicians’ Association of Seattle co-hosts a weekly Recovery Support Group meeting with MusiCares. This is a free support group for the Seattle Music Community every Tuesday from 7-8pm. MusiCares and the Musici more...

January 27, 2015
Fair Trade Music Seattle is a grassroots campaign dedicated to raising the standard of living for all working musicians in the Seattle area through education, cooperation and inspiration. Ou more...

January 16, 2015
written by: Paul Bigman, Organizer Local 76-493 AFM We all have reasons to belong to the Union: maintaining standards of fair pay and treatment, representation in dealings with an employer, advice and solidarity from ot more...

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